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Xbox Series X has a great hidden feature for you late-night gamers

Xbox Series X has a great hidden feature for you late-night gamers

We have you hardcore gamers covered

We all know that staying up until the early hours of the morning is quite an easy feat when you’re a gamer. However, with eye health being something we should be more aware of, this handy trick for the Xbox Series X is definitely one we should invest in.

It has been almost four years since the Xbox Series X was launched and despite its lifespan, there are still handy features still being uncovered to this day. From muting speaker audio when the headset is attached to new mouse and keyboard support, the Microsoft console is still surprising us.

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It is easy to get complacent when it comes to our consoles. If it works, don’t fix it right? However, a recent conversation over on r/XboxSeriesX has drawn attention to some of the handy features we may be unaware of.

One in particular will make life for late-night gamers a whole lot easier. The comment reads: “Not hidden necessarily, but there is a Night Mode option in the accessibility settings that activates a blue-light filter at whatever time you set it for. It's great for reducing eye strain if you plan on gaming late at night.”

Additionally, users can adjust the intensity of the blue light by heading to Settings > Accessibility > Night Mode and then set a value between 0 - 100%. With long periods of gaming or any screen use leading to eye strain, this is an excellent way to help prevent it whilst still putting hours into your favourite games.

The feature was added some time ago and so may have gone unnoticed by users who purchased the Xbox Series X on release. However, it is communities like this that have you covered.

Now that you have that feature enabled, how about some games to play?

Just last week, Xbox dropped three free games to check out including an action shooter, a strategy RPG and a silly but fun co-op title.

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