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Xbox drops 3 free games you can download and play this weekend

Xbox drops 3 free games you can download and play this weekend

Time to fire up the Xbox

Xbox and its subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, are known for giving away games for free and letting their players try titles.

The ever-popular Free Play Days is this week, giving you all a chance to try out three games that may have passed you by. Completely free to play, as ever - it’s in the name, after all.

Fable will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on release in the future

The first game vying for your attention this weekend is Hell Let Loose, a hard-as-nails action shooter that takes place during World War II. It’s a massively multiplayer title that sees 50v50 gunplay across huge battlefields.

You can select one of 14 roles to play and try to overcome the pressures of battlefield combat with realistic weapons and ballistics. It’s known for being a pretty tough experience, so brace yourself.

Next up, we’ve got Crusader Kings III, a strategy RPG where you will have to lead your noble house to victory through several battles during the Middle Ages. It’s all about bloodline and lineage here, no dragons though, as far as I’m aware.

Lastly, the rather silly and ever entertaining, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, which takes the franchise away from the tower defence roots and plants you in a more action-based role.

In four-player co-op or solo play, you can control an array of plants as you fight off waves of zombies intent on breaking through your ranks. What do these zombies want to eat? Do the plants have brains? Or are they veggie zombies?

If you enjoy any of the games in this promotion, you can find them all available via Xbox Game Pass Core and Ultimate. They are also available to buy and keep on the Xbox store.

So, whether you prefer realistic action, goofy and silly adventures, or a Game of Thrones-style RPG, there’s plenty to be playing this weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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