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Xbox Series X has a hidden setting you'll want to turn on immediately

Xbox Series X has a hidden setting you'll want to turn on immediately

I wish I'd known this sooner

I’ll confess that I don’t spend all that long perusing my various consoles’ settings.

Certainly, I’ll head in there if there’s something I need to change relating to my account but I don’t use a settings area to shop for new features, the way I might browse for new games on Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus.

Clearly I should though, because our consoles are packed with handy and useful features that many of us are completely overlooking.

I’m sure you’ve seen the system updates that download from time to time, but do you ever actually go and see what new additional features you can make the most out of?

Well, a particular Xbox Series X/S feature has been brought to my attention and now that I’ve been enlightened, it’s my duty to pass this information on to you.

Xbox Series X/S consoles are hiding a very useful PlayStation 5 feature that allows you to mute your TV when using a headset.

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Anyone who’s used a headset on the PlayStation 5 will know that when you turn it on, the TV automatically mutes.

That’s not the case on Xbox, or so it seemed.

This feature is actually possible on Xbox after all. It’s just not a default setting so is being overlooked by the vast majority of users.

If you want to set up this feature, begin by heading over to your console’s settings page.

There, navigate down to ‘Volume and audio output’ and press ‘Additional options’.

You’re looking for the option that says ‘Mute speaker audio when headset attached’. Make sure the checkbox is ticked and you’re good to go.

It’s very simple to activate and now you can save yourself the hassle of having to manually adjust the TV’s volume.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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