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Xbox update quietly adds massive new feature you'll want to use

Xbox update quietly adds massive new feature you'll want to use

This a great new feature!

If you’re an Xbox player who doesn’t play on an Xbox, you’ll want to check out one of the latest changes silently adding in with a recent update.

For the past few years Xbox has been playing nicely with PC players, and why wouldn’t it when Microsoft is as much a PC hardware brand as it is a gaming one.

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While you can enjoy almost all Xbox games on PC, including titles found in its subscription service Xbox Game Pass, it’s easier than ever to hop into a game following a recent update.

This month mouse and keyboard support for several Xbox Game Pass titles has been added for Cloud Gaming, and you can even use these on the Xbox console itself by plugging them into the USB ports.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a feature exclusive to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and allows you to stream games on a variety of platforms, even on your Xbox if you’re looking to get into a game quickly without installing it first.

It’s also a great option for playing games on less powerful hardware, so if you’re playing a low-end PC you won’t be missing out on the latest releases.

With the silent introduction of mouse and keyboard support for around 25 Xbox Game Pass titles, it’s even easier for PC players to jump into some Xbox titles, though of course if you prefer playing with a controller that’s still a viable option.

You can find more details on the new feature as well as what games will support it on Xbox’s official channels, and if you’d like to know about these features ahead of time, you can sign up for the Xbox Insider Program for early-access to future features.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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