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Xbox Game Pass subscribers find way to avoid price hike, but there is a catch

Xbox Game Pass subscribers find way to avoid price hike, but there is a catch

Gamers find a way

Whenever there’s a way to avoid hefty price increases, people will find it. Unfortunately, such discoveries usually come with a catch.

Xbox Game Pass users looking for a way to prevent the dreaded price hike hitting them are finding this out as they scramble to look for alternate ways to pay for the service.

In case you missed the news (somehow), Xbox plans to increase Game Pass’ monthly cost, and as you’d expect, fans are not amused by this decision.

But that wasn’t the only unsettling detail about the upcoming changes – millions of new subscribers will also lose access to day one launches unless they pay for a newly created premium tier of membership.

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Pretty bad so far, huh? Well, it just gets worse, as a controversial change has also been implemented for stacking memberships.

Once you’ve seen all that, it’s not hard to fathom why users are looking elsewhere.

For now, a solution is in sight thanks to CDKeys.

Since the news broke, CDKeys has seen a significant increase in purchases for its three-month Xbox Game Pass memberships; its one-month option is also doing incredibly well as fans scramble to secure the current price.

Yet, while this is indeed a clever way to avoid the price hike destined for September, there’s also the issue that membership stacking might throw a spanner in the works.

In case you missed the change, those currently on the Console tier of Game Pass will now only be able to stack their memberships for 13 months so while, yes, you can stack your subscription at the current price, there is now a time limit on for how long you can do so.

Furthermore, with CDKeys, and other such sites, now swamped with hungry fans in need of cheaper solutions, the fee of its cost-effective membership might go up.

It’s messy. Whatever the reasons behind Xbox’s sudden shift – many would say pure greed – it’s a convoluted way of making change. Consequently, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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