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Xbox Game Pass day one launches will soon end for millions of users

Xbox Game Pass day one launches will soon end for millions of users

Game Pass just got a lot less appealing

Questions have once again arisen over the value of Xbox Game Pass, as day one launches will soon become a thing of the past for millions.

The worth of any subscription service boils down to value; merit is only found if the cost and quality of the content are aligned.

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For years now, gamers have debated the pros and cons of both PS Plus and Game Pass, each team trying to one up the other. Unfortunately, today is the day Xbox fans will struggle to justify the cost and value of the service.

Although Xbox users have just received two more free games, one of which is a certified banger, the news that Game Pass prices are increasing has tarnished this joy.

A price hike is bad enough, but this one is set to deny millions of users access to day one releases.

In a breakdown of the price increase, Twitter user AmericanTruckSongs9 highlighted that the real issue for many is the new tier system introduced.

“What's really happening here, aside from the price increase, is that Game Pass is losing day one games,” they commented, “The rest is an overly complicated overhaul to obscure that fact.”

Attached to the post is a screenshot of the FAQ from the official Xbox website, in which we can see the difference between Xbox Game Pass Standard and its Premium option. It reads, “In addition to having all the benefits in Game Pass Standard, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes day one titles.”

Day one launches have been a part of the service since its creation, so to see it suddenly placed behind a tier system and a price increase has rubbed fans the wrong way.

In response, another Twitter user said, “Best comparison is with EA Play and EA Play Pro. Expect even EA play gives you 10 hour free trials of new games. No such courtesy here.”

Elsewhere in the comments, someone else said what many are thinking, “It’s still shocking to me that Phil even has a job.”

The good news is that those currently on the Core tier of Game Pass will be able to retain access to day one launches for now, although this could change in the future. As a new subscriber though, you'll have to opt for the top-tier Ultimate membership following the roll out of the new Standard vs Ultimate system.

Whenever a feature once accessible for all becomes hidden behind an increased paywall, users will be unsatisfied; this is hardly surprising. Yet, Xbox is ploughing ahead with this “counterintuitive” decision regardless.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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