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Xbox fans furious as more exclusives announced for PS5

Xbox fans furious as more exclusives announced for PS5

Fans are not happy. We repeat, fans are not happy

Xbox fans seemingly can’t let go of their precious exclusives, as demonstrated by their renewed outrage as even more games are headed to PlayStation.

More games carried over to PlayStation shouldn’t come as a surprise; Xbox has teased more exclusives headed elsewhere for months now.

Yet, seeing that happen while watching the latest Xbox Showcase hasn’t gone down well with some fans.

Check out the Doom: The Dark Ages trailer below

The most notable would-be exclusive now headed to the PS5 is Doom: The Dark Ages. This Bethesda title sent players into overdrive last night when it was revealed it will release on Game Pass.

However, learning that Sony players would also be able to immerse themselves in the carnage of this new instalment has tarnished the news somewhat.

But, thus far, that’s the only title from the showcase that seems to be crossing over to rival platforms. Not that this offers much comfort for concerned parties.

The new Gears of War, for example, is currently only due to launch on Microsoft platforms; as too is Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Yet, as we all know, Microsoft plans can change on a whim.

Just look at Starfield as a prime example of this. Microsoft has gone back and forth between keeping this RPG as an exclusive, or allowing it to venture further afield. The latest insider rumours are that it has a closer PS5 release date than we first thought.

Even without solid, official evidence, though, the fact that both Xbox and Bethesda are bringing huge exclusives to PlayStation further solidifies plans to end exclusives once and for all.

Nonetheless, for now, Xbox is far from ready to surrender all its games to its long-time rival.

Besides, there are bigger issues to address at the moment – like the Avowed release date accidentally being leaked before its time.

With big games launching sooner than expected, the anger directed at Xbox from disgruntled fans likely won’t last long. They’ll all be too busy planning their new adventures to worry about the future of the brand... we hope.

Featured Image Credit: Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Sony

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