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Doom: The Dark Ages announced during Xbox Showcase, coming to Game Pass

Doom: The Dark Ages announced during Xbox Showcase, coming to Game Pass

Doomslayer is back

The rumours that were swirling before the Xbox Showcase began put DOOM on the stage and we finally got confirmation after an introduction from Phil Spencer.

DOOM: The Dark Ages is real and it will take the Doomslayer into the medieval age in 2025. Thankfully, he still has his trusty weapons, too.

DOOM: The Dark Ages is finally revealed at the Xbox showcase.

The trailer opened with the Doomslayer standing in an arena-style environment before being handed a double-barrel shotgun.

Of course, heavy metal music kicked in and we were shown a mess of guts and gore that we’ve come to know from the legendary franchise until now.

It appears there will be dragons, beasties and plenty of hellspawn and it seems that some of those enemies will be decked out in plate armour. Well, as long as we can still frag out and take down a toothy beast, it'll be the DOOM we all love.

What's even better is that it will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, though we'll be waiting for some time yet, as it's slated for 2025 - no news on the month, or even which season it'll arrive.

It's not clear just how many of the traditional weapons we will see given the new age in which we find ourselves, but we're sure to be able to wield some old favourites.

If you're expecting plenty of violence, explosions, and some tongue in cheek humour it's pretty much guaranteed at this point.

With Bethesda and ID Software behind the helm, We're going to be having a blast, figuratively and literally when DOOM: The Dark Ages drops. Fingers crossed we find out more over the coming months and if you don't want to wait, both DOOM and DOOM Eternal are available on Xbox Game Pass right now. Get your boomstick and explode some demons.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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