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Xbox boss confirms new consoles following third-party rumours

Xbox boss confirms new consoles following third-party rumours

Fans may have overreacted a little upon hearing these third-party rumours

Irate Xbox fans might be able to finally cool down after Phil Spencer, the big boss of Xbox, has finally addressed the controversy surrounding those third-party rumours. Needless to say, some gamers may have acted in haste (anyone shocked by this? No, didn’t think so).

It all started with a major leak which revealed that Microsoft intended for Xbox to become a multi-platform brand – from there, the gaming community went into meltdown, with upset fans going so far as to sell their Xbox consoles.

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Apparently, even Xbox staff had concerns, so much so that Phil Spencer called a meeting in an attempt to shed some light on the reality of the rumours circulating. Head of gaming at Inverse, Shannon Liao, reported that Spencer confirmed that releasing first-party games on other consoles was going to happen, as well as many more changes to be announced in the future.

Spencer is also reported to have said that new Xbox consoles will continue to be made, despite what the rumour mill has been saying. However, beyond that we know little else. Seemingly, all the details we’re lacking will be given when Xbox reveals its plans for the future in a “business event” meant to be held this week.

Maybe then we’ll learn whether Starfield is really heading to PlayStation, a move that’s sure to divide gamers if true (and is reportedly not happening, according to an insider). Much like the prospect of Halo heading to the PS5, people are very upset at the idea that consoles can share and share alike, yet I for one would love to see an end to console wars for good.

Until Xbox makes official announcements we can see and hear for ourselves, however, the gossip will continue as gamers try to piece together what the future holds for Xbox as we know it.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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