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Starfield might not be coming to PlayStation 5 after all, according to insiders

Starfield might not be coming to PlayStation 5 after all, according to insiders

Looks like Starfield isn't going to release on PlayStation 5 after all, or at least not for a while.

Reports that Starfield will be coming to the PlayStation 5 have now been called “false” by insiders who’d originally said they were correct, leaving Xbox and PlayStation fans confused.

Xbox has seemingly divided its playerbase with rumoured plans to pivot to a third-party business model. It’s believed the company will start releasing its previously exclusive games like Gears Of War and Starfield onto the PlayStation 5 and other platforms.

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While it’s said the company won’t be ending the hardware side of the business it’ll no longer aim to compete with exclusive games and services, with another part of the plan being to make Xbox Game Pass available on as many platforms as possible.

However you should probably take all that news with a hefty handful of salt as leakers and insiders who’d previously said Starfield will be the first Xbox game to make the jump to PlayStation are now saying they were wrong.

When reports first came out about Starfield’s PS5 release, known insider NateTheHate said it was “accurate,” and the “PS5 release will come after the arrival of the expansion DLC on Xbox/PC.” The expansion being mentioned is Shattered Space, which is set to drop sometime this year on an undisclosed date.

NateTheHate has since gone back on this decision, saying they’ve “rechecked the info” and now believe the report “suggesting Starfield was PS5-bound is false.” That being said they did stand by the rumour that Microsoft is currently discussing the idea of bringing Xbox exclusive games to multiple platforms.

Xbox head Phil Spencer is expected to make an announcement sometime this week regarding the future of the Xbox brand, meaning we’ll hopefully have official confirmation as to the company’s plans sooner rather than later.

In a weird way it’d be nice to see games like Halo, Starfield and Gears Of War made available for a wider audience, so hopefully third-party is indeed on the cards for the Xbox brand.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/Sony

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