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Starfield's roleplaying hits a little too close to home, players joke

Starfield's roleplaying hits a little too close to home, players joke

Starfield's roleplaying is so realistic that players are joking some situations and debuffs hit a little too close to home.

Starfield is already shaping up to have a rather odd reception. Some are saying it’s the most immersive game they’ve ever played, while others are complaining that it’s nowhere near immersive enough. It just goes to show, you truly cannot please everyone.

On the whole, players seem to be having a great time with Starfield. It’s exciting to think that we’re only just beginning to discover the vast secrets of its galaxy. Players have so far uncovered an infinite money trick, and found a way to create a semi-invincible spaceship. Elsewhere, someone uncovered a Lord of the Rings Easter egg while a secret sex buff has also been found, seriously. In our 10 out of 10 review, we deemed the game to be “revolutionary”. While some are dissatisfied with space travel, the game undoubtedly offers immersion, with some RPG elements hitting a little too close to home according to some players.

Take a look at our video review of Starfield below.

As reported by Dexerto, some players have joked Starfield’s roleplaying goes “too far”, echoing very real life issues we all struggle with. One Reddit user highlighted a tweet which read, “People are saying, ‘Starfield isn’t enough of a simulation,’ and meanwhile I’m a millennial who got hit with a ‘joint pain’ debuff in-game [...] Omg. It only kicks in when you’re crouching.” Those knees sure be do getting creaky in your 20s.

User BantanCrow added, “I was playing last night and already had a dull throb of a headache that obviously got worse staring at my computer screen for hours. Soon after, for seemingly no reason, my character got the migraine debuff and I stared at it for a while and went ‘Yeah, buddy...maybe time for bed.’ and stopped for the night.” Art imitates life, as they say.

That1DogGuy wrote, “Got hired into a prestigious business as an intern, my first mission was to get the coffee order. It’s too real man,” while summons72 added, “As someone who currently has a cold and a nasty cough. My character constantly gets lung disease all the time and a cough…it’s quite insulting dammit.” There’s your immersion.

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