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Looks like Starfield will let you pilot your own mech suit

Looks like Starfield will let you pilot your own mech suit

A new Starfield animated short may have just teased that we can pilot our own mechs.

The hype just keeps on amassing for Starfield. Let’s be honest, the hype has been building for years but as we learn more about Bethesda’s latest RPG in the lead up to its 6 September release date, the more we’re confident that Starfield will defy all expectations.

We’ve known for quite some time that Starfield is set to have over 1,000 planets. It was only recently unveiled though that only around 10% of these will contain signs of life. Don’t write off the other 900. You’ll need those for valuable resources. It’s no real surprise then that the game’s Star Map may just be the biggest thing we’ve ever seen. Likewise, the game itself boasts a hefty file size. Want to dive straight in on release day? Xbox Game Pass subscribers can pre-download the game. Despite it being a whopper, the main campaign is actually a very reasonable length, but I digress. In the latest update, it’s been discovered that we may be able to pilot our own mechs further down the line.

Take a look at Starfield’s latest trailer below.

This week, Microsoft and Bethesda released a series of animated shorts, each offering a look at a different one of Starfield’s three major Settled Systems. There’s ‘Supra Et Ultra’, ‘Where The Hope Is Built’, and ‘The Hand That Feeds’. As reported by Dexerto, fans are particularly intrigued by ‘Where The Hope Is Built’ which takes place in Akila City, and sees orphan Vanna encounter some expected danger while tracking down repair parts.

Vanna explains exactly how she became an orphan and, spoiler alert, her parents died during the Colony Wars. It’s unveiled that they were both mech pilots which has got fans asking if we ourselves might be able to pilot mechs during our playthrough. It would be odd for this short to touch on this prospect if it’s never going to be something that’s playable. Then again, Bethesda has already said that Starfield won’t feature any ground vehicles.

Fans did point out though that Todd Howard has confirmed that Starfield will be getting “a lot of add-on content” so it stands to reason that mechs could come to the game further down the line, or even in their own specific DLC. We know very little about the Shattered Space DLC. We’ll have to watch this space, pardon the pun.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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