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Starfield mods are going to blow us away, gamers agree

Starfield mods are going to blow us away, gamers agree

Starfield mods already have us stupidly excited

One of the best things about PC gaming is, I reckon we can all agree, mods. Modders are, without doubt, some of the finest people to ever walk the Earth.

Dying to see Red Dead Redemption 2 running at 60fps with new content? Modders got you. Bored of all the quests in Skyrim and want something different? There's a mod for that. Got an issue with the Floo Network lady in Hogwarts Legacy never shutting up? You know modders got your back there.

Take a look at some of the maddest mods below!

With Starfield right around the corner, fans are already terrified/excited to see what modders do with Bethesda's open-world RPG. We all know that Skyrim's life has been greatly enhanced and expanded by the modding community, after all, and Bethesda has outright said that its new game will be a modder's paradise.

Over on Reddit, fans are already dreaming of what wonderful things modders will cook up in the first year or so of Starfield's launch.

"The extent to which modders have pushed Skyrim never fails to astound," one user wrote over on r/gaming, pointing to just how much better the 2011 game looks in 2023 with the right mods installed. "I cannot wait to see what they do with Starfield."

If I know games like I think I do, it's fairly safe to say that the first few months of Starfield post-launch will see a bunch of porn mods, some Thomas The Tank Engine nonsense, and a few other bizzarre shitposty content. But after that? I'd wager the sky is the limit. New quests, multiplayer, enhanced visuals, big fixes... if you can dream it, a modder is probably working on it. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if someone eventually starts remaking Skyrim in Starfield. I'm not saying I want that to happen, but... it probably will, right?

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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