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Steam adds a further 6 free games, available now

Steam adds a further 6 free games, available now

Our to-play games pile is overflowing

It seems that with a new day comes another list of free games to play; Steam has added even more games to its free games list, with each one available to play right now without any cost to you.

Earlier this month we informed you of one of the biggest FPS releases of 2023 being added to Steam for free, and now we’re coming back with an update of even more freebies – when will it end? These titles are markedly different from Immortals of Aveum, but most of them have “very positive” reviews from players.

You can also play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam too!

What is more, there’s a lot of diversity here, so even if a game might not traditionally seem like your cup of tea, it’s still worth sampling it all the same. Who knows, you might find a new flavour you like. Here’s the full list of the games just added, as per Free Steam Games on Twitter:

  • Horizon
  • Archery Showdown
  • I Wanna Maker
  • Black Gunner
  • Cards and Castles 2
  • Aliya's Ascent

Out of all the titles listed, one of the most popular is I Wanna Maker. This precision platformer is “based on I Wanna Be The Guy fangames”, making for a detailed way to tailor the game to your interests via its creative freedom. Or, if you prefer, you can test your skills against other challenges created by fellow PC gamers.

“This being totally free is insane,” said one player. “If you enjoy platformers whatsoever you should download this. Even if you know the reputation of I Wanna Be the Guy, I'd still recommend the new campaign included with 1.0, as it has a very generous learning curve to get you into the mechanics of this type of game. I would have actually paid for just this campaign, it's really good.” If we weren’t sold on this game before, we definitely are now!

Steam’s newly added six free games will be free to play for the foreseeable future. However, if you want to get even more from the games mentioned, you can always download their corresponding DLCs (for a price, of course).

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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