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PlayStation and Steam users can now sample one of 2023's biggest FPS games for free

PlayStation and Steam users can now sample one of 2023's biggest FPS games for free

Embrace your powerful destiny without spending a penny

If, like me, you’ve been lost to fantastical worlds ever since Baldur’s Gate 3 blew us away with its magic, heart, and battles, you might need something to fill the gaping hole it’s left behind. Well, fortunately for you, PlayStation and Steam players can sample a game that fits the bill.

Immortals of Aveum, while not an exact replica of BG3, has similarities that will undoubtedly attract those who want to sling around spells like a badass before the world is lost in an abyss of darkness.

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It’s very dramatic, though, sorry to say, there are no unusual romances to be found here. But the fans can explain its perks better than I – “So far [I’m] really liking the game. No, it's not GOTY material, but it honestly doesn't need to be. I want a game that's FUN, has a good enough campaign story, and doesn't require me to invest 100 + hours in beating. Aveum gives me that. And in spades,” said one Steam gamer.

The new Echollector update has been announced for the game, and with such an update comes several features, such as game+, new endgame objectives, and a new difficulty called “Grand Magnus”. Anything with the word grand in it is designed for only those with the most patience and/or skill.

The first three chapters are included in the free-to-play trial, which is a fine way to discover the lay of the land and, ultimately, if you want to see Jak’s quest through until the end. Regardless of what platform you choose to sample Immortals of Aveum on – be it PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam – you’ll need an EA account to get started.

However, as EA warns, “Access on console platforms may require a premium console account”, so don’t be surprised if you meet some hurdles along the way. The update announcement doesn’t specifically mention PS Plus or Game Pass, but whenever a publisher draws attention to a possible issue, you know it's best to be prepared.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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