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Escape From Tarkov inspired hit FPS finally set to land on Steam

Escape From Tarkov inspired hit FPS finally set to land on Steam

Coming to PC from mobile platforms

Arena Breakout: Infinite will be making the jump from mobile platforms to PC where many fans believe it should have started out.

Inspired by and a direct competitor of Escape From Tarkov, Arena Breakout: Infinite is a hardcore military simulation that features raids, realistic weapons, and immersive audio to test your every skill.

Call of Duty Zombies is the closest you can get to an extraction shooter on console at the moment.

Now is the time for the extraction genre and many companies are trying their hand at the new gametype that is taking the world by storm.

Escape From Tarkov was the first big success for the genre that sees players load into areas and try to complete tasks and retrieve loot before extracting from the mission, often called a raid.

Arena Breakout: Infinite, seemingly inspired by Escape From Tarkov, initially launched on mobile platforms and it saw a reasonable amount of success. However, the game will now be making the jump to PC and Steam in the hopes of building up the player base.

All you need to know about Arena Breakout: Infinite is that it’s a hardcore military simulation. This means difficult AI soldiers alongside PvP to test your shooter skills. This isn’t your Call of Duty and it requires a lot of time and energy to learn maps, build guns from scratch, and see success.

The game is set to launch into closed beta in “early May.” The beta program is no surprise, these extraction shooters are always a work in progress. Escape From Tarkov has been in beta for over six years and it continues to evolve.

This is the perfect time for Arena Breakout: Infinite to try its luck on Steam as several developers, including Bungie, begin to investigate the genre. The balance of hardcore difficulty and action-packed gunfights makes for a very engaging game that will keep you coming back for more.

Featured Image Credit: Morefun Studios

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