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Starfield players slam 'pointless' outposts

Starfield players slam 'pointless' outposts

Starfield outposts are pointless, say players

Starfield players are discussing the game's outposts and many of them see them as pointless. Outpost building was always going to be a big feature in Starfield as Fallout 4 had paved the way. As you work through the game the idea of an outpost becomes quite appealing, but whether it's worth the effort depends on your mileage.

A Reddit post begins with a player describing how they found a great planet, with a lovely view. They used the intelligent system Bethesda created which allows easy building block sections to be snapped together. They placed everything where they wanted it, stood back to admire the creation and they were "left wondering... why?"

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The main reason? Inventory management. This Redditor went on to list options they believe are a "no-brainer" and their absence doesn't make any sense. On top of this, basic services you would think could be centralised simply aren't. Things like; ship repair, Inter-outpost shared storage, vendors and trading.

Outposts have no shared inventory and because of this, players who want to drop off all their crafting materials can do so, but finding them again is a mission in itself. "I just want a central place I can dump all my resources and then use them for crafting" says one commenter. Another Redditor says "It's a giant missed opportunity."

Criticism comes fast with one comment saying "And Fallout 4 had all of this, including the vendors", another agrees, "I think most people were looking for a Fallout 4 version of base building and they dropped the ball", while other users beg for more mods to improve things.

Revolving back to the original Redditor, their post continues, "As far as I can see, the only functional reason for outposts is extracting rare materials, or for the fun of building, which only lasts as long as you have the will or materials to build."

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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