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Starfield modders are making their own patches, already found 240 issues to fix

Starfield modders are making their own patches, already found 240 issues to fix

Starfield modders are beating Bethesda to it

Modders are, once again, taking matters into their own hands. This time they're creating patches for Starfield, beating Bethesda off the mark and identifying a huge 248 'issues'.

Starfield has been a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to bugs and problems within the game. Of course, this is a Bethesda game so it was always going to ship with a handful of problems 'quirks'. Bethesda have been doing a good job of patching up Starfield, but we're still awaiting a promised patch which seems to be the largest yet.

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The official patches that are coming down the pipeline will feature plenty of quality of life improvements, like DLSS support and an FOV slider.

This modder's patch is a collaborative effort from modders and the community as a whole. So far, the teams have found a lot of issues, large and small, to work on. These include things such as 'malfunctioning doors and missing NPCs.'

The team is tackling many small issues which "would be considered bugs" like missing textures or items clipping through objects. The community has been reporting issues over at and feature small annoyances like the misspelling of 'pique displaying as peaked' or the bugged upstairs lock in Madame Sauvage's Place, which prevented players from finishing a mission.

Steam Deck users will rejoice as players have been reporting game crashes and the modders are busy getting to work on implementing better fixes. One hilarious bug to be fixed is Andreja's head staying invisible after she comes out of stealth mode.

Another mod which many players have been requesting is a minimap or radar, which has a note attached saying "creating the appropriate mod" so we could see this as part of the patch when it lands.

A message from the community mod team is enthusiastic in saying "The thing to keep in mind is that a Community Patch like this doesn't necessarily exist because the game is bad." A handy reminder that patches exist to help with smaller issues that impact the narrative or immersion.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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