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PlayStation's new console design is seriously dividing fans

PlayStation's new console design is seriously dividing fans

PlayStation's new console isn't for everyone

What appears to be a new PlayStation console has surfaced online, and fans are predictably torn over the design of the latest hardware.

Rumours of a PlayStation 5 Slim model have rumbled away since... well, pretty much since the PlayStation 5 launched in 2020. Fresh off the back of more recent reports suggesting Sony is gearing up to announce and release the new hardware latest this year, video of what looks to be the rumoured PlayStation 5 Slim has started doing the rounds online.

The first thing you'll note is that the PS5 Slim isn't really that slim at all which, to be fair, multiple industry insiders have been saying for a while now.

The leaked video quickly ended up on Reddit, where users have been debating the pros and cons of the new design.

"I really love the look of OG consoles compared to their eventual remodels," one users pointed out. "They just seem, I dunno, prouder of themselves?"

Another added: "Same, and it makes sense the original models would look better design-wise. They were not rushed and usually use better quality materials, whilst the slim models requirements are probably 'make it smoll and cheap plz'".

Interestingly it's been suggested that this new model isn't actually designed to give people a smaller option (again, it's not even that much smaller than the current PS5). Rather, this new model is being released with the intention of streamlining the manufacturing process to save on shipping costs in the long run.

To that end, don't expect the PlayStation 5 Slim to boast any markedly different specs, as it'll largely be the same console under the hood. Anyone hoping for a beefier PS5 will have to hold out for the rumoured Pro, which was recently suggested to cost somewhere between £600 to £700 when it launches. Oof.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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