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PlayStation Plus users praise addition of underrated action RPG

PlayStation Plus users praise addition of underrated action RPG

Steel Rising is an underrated gem

We now know which games will be given away for free on PlayStation Plus for February, and it looks like a great selection for players.

Among them, Steelrising is one game many players may have missed previously. Released in 2022, Steelrising is a souls-like action game set in France. You battle an army of robots on the streets of Paris while attempting to change the course of history.

Foamstars leads the next batch of PlayStation Plus games, but there are some other gems available too

According to players over on Reddit, this is an underrated gem that treads the path of Dark Souls while keeping the game accessible for many. “I've beat it twice. It is pretty fun, not too hard. A lot easier than Lies of P,” wrote one user. It does appear that many are only just discovering this game, which is kind of what you want from these free monthly games.

One user puts it simply, “It's fun. And it has a lot of difficulty/accessibility options which is rare for a souls-like.” It seems like a lot of Redditors already had Steelrising on their wishlists, so there seem to be some happy gamers out there. And the game does look pretty good. As someone who often gets battered by Souls-like games, it’s a tempting title to try out.

Along with Steelrising, Rollerdrome and Foamstars are coming your way. Foamstars looks like a great multiplayer title to keep you and your friends going; and Rollerdrome, in this writer’s opinion, is completely brilliant and a game that you’ll keep coming back to. You can also grab a free cosmetics pack for Fall Guys packed with skins related to PlayStation icons and Premium subscribers can enjoy a Marvel's Spider-Man 2 free trial. Treats all around.

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