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PlayStation Plus new free game is being called a huge win for subscribers

PlayStation Plus new free game is being called a huge win for subscribers

PlayStation Plus is gaining a fab day one release next month, which subscribers are already calling a huge win.

A day one release is on its way to PlayStation Plus next month and it’s already being celebrated as a huge win by subscribers.

PlayStation Plus isn’t off to a bad start this year. In case you missed it, essential tier subscribers can currently grab A Plague Tale: Requiem, Nobody Saves The World, and Evil West. A further 14 games were then added across the extra and premium tiers just yesterday. Highlights include Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands - Next Level Edition, Resident Evil 2, Just Cause 3, and Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. It’s a varied line-up which, hopefully, contains something that should appeal to everyone. Yesterday also saw February’s first free game announced and this one is a real winner. It’s been unveiled that Foamstars will land on PlayStation Plus as a day one launch.

Take a look at Foamstars in action below.

Foamstars is set to release on 6 February, the same day it’ll join PlayStation Plus. If you’re not familiar with Foamstars, it’s a 4v4 shooter but a shooter absent of bullets. Think Splatoon with foam. Devs say that it should appeal to both tactical and casual players, with three modes available at launch.

There’s the previously announced Smash The Star and Happy Bath Survival. In the former, you’ll have to beat the opposing team’s ‘Star Player’, who’s granted several buffs, whilst defending your own. In the latter, your team will be split in two. Half of the team are inside the arena while the other half are outside, and you’re tasked with taking down the other team’s players.

Then, there’s the newly announced Rubber Duck Party. In this round, players will have to commandeer an enormous rubber duck in order to lure it to their side of the arena. A spin on tug-of-war, I suppose. Foaming the battlefield speeds up traversal and will help you fend off the enemy team.

Foamstars can be played solo or with friends - and PlayStation Plus subscribers have already responded positively to the news. “I was hoping this would be day one on PlayStation Plus. Looks like my wish was granted. Can’t wait to play it,” wrote one Reddit user, while another added, “Let’s go! Really wanted to try this.”

Foamstars will be joining the essential tier from 6 February to 4 March.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix, Sony

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