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This Pinocchio Souls-Like Looks Like 'Bloodborne 2', And I'm Here For It

This Pinocchio Souls-Like Looks Like 'Bloodborne 2', And I'm Here For It

Lies of P looks a lot like a FromSoftware game, and we love that

I can’t lie, when I think of Pinocchio I don’t instantly think of a gritty horror video game. I think of the Disney movie and a kid in red shorts. However with the gameplay reveal of Lies of P, I’m pretty happy to say that gritty horror suits the puppet quite well, and I can’t wait for this game to come out. 

As reported by Kotaku, Lies of P is definitely in the same realm as Bloodborne. A trailer has been revealed showing off the world South Korean developer Round8 Studio has been working on and it’s gloriously hideous. The description of the game under the video on YouTube describes Lies of P as: “a fantastically baroque Action RPG inspired by the classic Italian novel Pinocchio from Carlo Collodi. The ruined, but once beautiful city of Krat is on full display in the new video. Hideous and twisted automatons rule the landscape, and it’s up to P to find Mr Geppetto and reverse the calamity that has befallen Krat.”

Here is the footage of Lies of P...

The video itself shows how puppets seem violent and relentless, killing humans and destroying this city. You play P, obviously just the shortened name of Pinocchio, and though he may be small, he’s mighty. The main character carries a sword and uses it very much akin to how a Dark Souls character would. The twist seems to be that he also has some other interesting capabilities like a whip-like attachment that can drag enemies to you. The description also says there are more weapons and gadgets to come which is exciting.

Of course, this is just the alpha gameplay, and there is a long way to go before it’s in the hands of the players. According to Kotaku there is currently a predicted 2023 launch window for Lies of P, and when it arrives it’ll come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. If we never get a Bloodborne sequel, this will be the perfect replacement.

Featured Image Credit: Round8 Studio

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