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This Bloodborne 2 'trailer' is so good I want to cry

This Bloodborne 2 'trailer' is so good I want to cry

Another day goes by when FromSoftware fans beg the gods for a sequel to Bloodborne.

Another day goes by when FromSoftware fans beg the gods for a sequel to Bloodborne, and this fan-made trailer isn't helping.

While I’m of the firm opinion that games like Bloodborne or Elden Ring don’t need sequels, I know exactly why people want them, especially Bloodborne which I’d consider to be FromSoftware’s best game to date, even better than Elden Ring.

Perhaps my opinion will change when Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree drops later this year, which you can check out below via this gameplay trailer

That being said there are a lot of directions a Bloodborne sequel could go, whether it be somewhat linked to the original, or more of a spin-off like Dark Souls 2 was to the first game.

A fan-made imagining of what the sequel could look like has been posted to YouTube by Garden Of Eyes, titled Bloodborne 2: Blood Hunt.

The trailer is actually more than a rehash of some of the game’s cutscenes as well, it also features new gameplay of the player’s character facing-off against some powerful new enemies.

The story pitched in the description sets the sequel after the events of the first game’s “true ending” where the hunter defeats the Moon Presence, ends the dream and becomes one of the world’s Gods.

It goes on to say “having consumed high amounts of the Old Blood during the last hunt, his “ascension” was not pure, and has caused the birth of a new race: The Great One Beasts. With his last shreds of humanity, he will have to beckon the help of hunters once more, sending them back in time to when it all started.”

All in all it’s a pretty interesting concept for a sequel, and even retains FromSoftware’s usual expansion trope of mixing in time travel to set up other games and DLC.

Unfortunately the chances of a sequel being made are slim-to-none, though there is rumour of a remaster on the way for the PlayStation 5.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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