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PlayStation Plus drops surprise extra free game

PlayStation Plus drops surprise extra free game

Well, what a surprise this is!

Some PlayStation Plus subscribers have found the latest round of free games to be lacking, yet there’s a surprise in store for a select number of service users.

Sony has dropped a surprise free title for PlayStation Plus Extra users. But like with so many things, there’s a catch that will make it tough for all gamers to access it: the game in question isn’t accessible outside of Japan.

When it was first reported that trophies for Oreshika had appeared, the excitement that such a classic RPG was returning became almost tangible. Yet, hopes were soon dashed for all except the lucky gamers residing in Japan.

Originally launched in the 1990s, this is one of those PlayStation games that found cult classic status, not least of all because the number of players familiar with it are dwindling.

And while a PSP version eventually came out, there’s never been a port made for new hardware, and thus we’re left with no easy means to play.

We can't play Oreshika, but we can play Fallout 4.

“Damn, this is one RPG I would love to check out!” commiserated a fan. “Maybe one day!”

Life is a cruel mistress.

We can pray to the gods, aka Sony, for it to release the game elsewhere. However, it seems highly unlikely that’ll happen. So, if you're fortunate enough to play Oreshika via PS Plus, savour every moment!

Although this is a bitter-sweet turn of events, at least there are other 9/10 bangers to play via the subscription service. We appreciate this isn’t enough to soothe the pain of missing out on a classic PS1 title, but we all have crosses to bear.

For those of you not on PS Plus, we haven't forgotten about you – there are 16 games you can play without a PS Plus subscription right now. In short, we all have options for our consoles, just some players have been more blessed than others.

A move to Japan in the next few days isn’t too much, is it...? We’re asking for a friend.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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