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PlayStation Plus subscribers blown away by 'true next-gen' free PS5 game

PlayStation Plus subscribers blown away by 'true next-gen' free PS5 game

It's a Rift too far

Some PlayStation Plus subscribers are amazed they let this game fly under the radar, but have since experienced this true 'next-gen' free game, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart wouldn't exist without the PlayStation 5. As u/zmcooks9 states, "Best ps5 game so far as far as utilizing the actual next 'genness.'" They're right with their exclamation, it's the PS5 SSD that allows for the dimension hopping seen in the game.

Our heroes must jump back and forth between dimensions and each jump happens in microseconds. Not only that, but Rift Apart is visually stunning. u/Brando43770 continues on, "And just graphically and animation wise, the first thing I said was it looks and moves like a Pixar, Illumination, or Dreamworks movie. And I mean that in the best way."

This discovery by many, one that allows them to utilise the power of the PS5, has led many to explore the previous games which, while not as visually spectacular, are "So much fun." according to u/TyperMcTyperson.

It seems many waited until the game landing on the PlayStation Plus subscription service, unsure on how good the game would be. Now, more and more players are discovering the wonders of Rift Apart and finding their jaws on the floor. It's getting a lot of praise from the Reddit community as one user comments, "Just got a platinum on this gem of a game last week. Seamless, responsive, beautiful and an overall amazing game to play."

"Easily in the Top 5 next Gen games. Insane graphics, great story and characters, and still plenty of RandC charm." says u/nobodyyoullcarefor who carries on the acclaim. Plenty of players are calling the game "one of the reasons to own a PS5" and they have a good point. Ratchet and Clank have a great place in PlayStation history and it's great to see them in such a wonderful and beautiful game that helps to define a console generation.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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