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PlayStation Plus Premium new free perk seriously divides fans

PlayStation Plus Premium new free perk seriously divides fans

PlayStation Plus premium tier subscribers are not impressed with the latest Sony Pictures Core perk.

PlayStation Plus premium tier subscribers received a brand new perk yesterday, thanks to the addition of Sony Pictures Core to PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

In case you missed it, Sony Pictures Core is an entertainment app that allows users to rent or purchase a wide array of Sony films. It’s free to sign up to, although you will need to part with your cash if you want to rent or watch a film. If you’re a PlayStation Plus premium tier subscriber though, you’ll have gained instant access to a curated library of around 100 films which are completely free to watch. Access to this catalogue is now a premium tier perk, and the film selection will ‘periodically’ update according to Sony. Unfortunately, this perk is not available to extra and essential tier PlayStation Plus users. While it may sound like a great deal though, it’s divided fans.

Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story is available to rent early via Sony Pictures Core.

Reddit user some_gamer78 took to the site to write, “Looks like those price increases were worth it,” showcasing some of the films freely on offer to premium subscribers. Honestly, I cannot tell if they’re being sarcastic or are truly impressed.

Most people are the latter option though. Datboileach said, “I’m not a fan when a company raises prices and justify it with ‘more offerings’. I would rather pay the old price versus the new price just to watch any of these movies,” while knightmare25 shared a similar opinion, replying to the OP with, “Adding old movies to justify the price hike isn't a good thing, what are you talking about?”

“What a f**king joke,” commented MacroPlanet, with Give-Me-The-Bat saying, “Would need to pay me to watch some of these movies.” It certainly isn’t the strongest line-up. It was teased that extra and essential tier subscribers would also gain some kind of Sony Pictures Core perk, but this is yet to be revealed.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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