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PlayStation Plus new John Wick-esque free game 'kicks every ass'

PlayStation Plus new John Wick-esque free game 'kicks every ass'

PlayStation Plus subscribers are full of praise for Midnight Fight Express, one of the latest additions to the extra tier.

PlayStation Plus is a delight, as is Xbox Game Pass. These subscription services provide us with the opportunity to discover absolute gems that we may have missed upon release - which is exactly the experience fans are having when it comes to Midnight Fight Express.

Before we dive into why you really need to check out Midnight Fight Express, allow me to recap on the month’s offerings so far. Essential tier subscribers can currently grab PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams, and Death’s Door. The extra and premium tier drops then brought a further 17 games to the service including Moving Out 2, Lost Judgement, and Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. Moving Out 2 was a day one release, but it’s not the only day one release on PlayStation Plus this month. Sea of Stars will join the platform on 29 August. It’s the addition of Midnight Fight Express that’s got everyone talking though.

Take a look at the Midnight Fight Express trailer below.

Developed by Jacob Dzwinel and published by Humble Games, Midnight Fight Express is a beat-em-up that was released last year - and it’s letting players live out their John Wick-eseque fantasies. Reddit user virtualpig wrote, “Midnight Fight Express might be the only game on PS Plus where you can John Wick your way through a metro station in a chicken mask and dayglo jacket. [...] It's an isometric brawler that goes hard on the brawling, like it's ridiculous once it gets going. [...] I feel not a lot of people know about this madness,” adding that it’s a “worthwhile experience”.

Plenty of others agreed. User sgt_backpack said, “This game kicks every ass. It's exactly what I hoped it would be when I first saw it was coming PS Plus. And it's done in little digestible chunks, you can finish most levels in under 10 minutes so it works great for people with any kind of schedule. I'm probably going to make a similar post about this game once I finish it but I am loving it through and through.”

Many fellow subscribers said they’d been convinced to download it. In our review, we wrote, “There’s a lot to love here in Midnight Fight Express. Its pounding electric soundtrack pulls you straight into the red mist of the action.” Check it out on the extra tier.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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