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PlayStation Plus free story-driven game is a 'must-try', subscribers enthuse

PlayStation Plus free story-driven game is a 'must-try', subscribers enthuse

PS Plus subscribers recommend this classic from Quantic Dream.

The PlayStation Plus subscription service offers a variety of titles for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy, regardless of the tier.

That being said, as much enjoyment subscribers may get from the PlayStation Plus service, customers have been feeling very agitated recently following Sony’s decision to give the service a substantial price hike.

Check out the Detroit: Become Human trailer below!

PS Plus price hike aside, the service still offers something for everyone with many genres on offer from epic action adventures, competitive sports, brutal beat ‘em ups, arcade classics and much more. A genre that has been on the topic of Reddit users recently is something much more cinematic and the related game is Detroit: Become Human from Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer, Quantic Dream.

Released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, then a year later on PC, Detroit: Become Human tells the story of a dystopian version of the city in the year 2038 in which androids with uncanny human likenesses and behaviours are integrated into everyday life, mostly as servants to accommodate our every need. Yet, as the android technology becomes more advanced, the AI evolves, questioning its existence and purpose in life. Thus, deviating from their human masters which sparked a revolution that could change the course of history forever.

As with most titles from Quantic Dream, its cinematic story and presentation, infused with the generous helping of QTEs isn't everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, those who enjoy the Quantic Dream style, can’t get enough and will be immersed in its worlds like no other.

Detroit: Become Human is a must-try if you have PS+,” said Redditor prtk_jakhar opening up the discussion on the thread. “So I bought a PS5 a few months ago (my first ever console at 21) and I am loving it!!”

They continued: “I have played many AAA games on PS+, but Detroit has been so unique and refreshing to play! So if you have PS+ then you should try Detroit at least once!”

Amongst the humorous Heavy Rain references to Shaun and Jason (look it up on YouTube), were fellow Reddit users sharing the same love for Detroit: Become Human.

“Great game and I had zero expectations going in, so I enjoyed it even more,” agreed HaulerTV. “Coming from years of multiplayer competitive games, Detroit was the one game that got me into playing other single-player games for the story which was unheard of previously. Couldn't agree more OP!”

“I played it once and enjoyed it a lot, I wanted to jump into another playthrough to try out different options and endings, but the lack of a skip button for scenes I had already seen made me give up on a second playthrough,” said BartholomewEilish.

“Honestly one of the best games I ever played, I was floored when making my way through it,” rejoiced veneim. “Yeah, Detroit is awesome. I also recommend Heavy Rain,” added commandblock.

In other related news, PlayStation Plus subscribers can grab a PS1 classic at no extra cost, and the PS Plus games for October 2023 are on track to be a massive improvement from this month's underwhelming offerings. Oh, and Quantic Dream is currently working on a Star Wars game, which should be interesting.

Detroit: Become Human is available now for PlayStation 4 (with PS5 backwards compatibility) and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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