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PlayStation Plus subscribers flat-out refuse to download latest free games

PlayStation Plus subscribers flat-out refuse to download latest free games

At least the logo is a big plus

PlayStation Plus subscribers are flat-out refusing to download the latest batch of free games, in yet another sign that Sony clearly made some really great decisions in the last few weeks.

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, there's been a fair bit of drama as far as PlayStation Plus is concerned.

Take a look at PlayStation Plus August highlight Sea Of Stars below!

Last week, just as Microsoft and Bethesda were getting ready to drop Starfield and attract thousands of new customers to Xbox Game Pass in the process, Sony dropped one of the worst months of free games we've ever seen. For an encore, they went and raised the price of the service across all three tiers. Needless to say, people aren't thrilled.

Well, the PlayStation Plus free games for September 2023 are now available to download, but... subscribers literally want nothing to do with them.

The three free games are, to catch you up: Saints Row, Black Desert - Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero. None of these games exactly set the world on fire back when they launched, and I'm not sure anyone was stoked to see them added to the PlayStation Plus lineup.

Sure enough, now the games are officially available to claim, subscribers are instead choosing to sack them off and cancel their subscriptions outright.

"I feel like this is literally the worst selection they've ever had," one Reddit user writes. "Usually when I don't like the games for a particular month I still think that they'd probably be great for someone else. But these three? I don't think there's a single person who's excited for them."

Another added: "Feeling good about my total cancellation right now."

"The price raise spooked me and I cancelled my renewal set for next year," said a third. "Hoping to be impressed before then -- this is not a good start."

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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