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PlayStation Plus subscribers can grab a classic PS1 game for free

PlayStation Plus subscribers can grab a classic PS1 game for free

Retro delights

The PlayStation Plus vibe is in shambles. Kids are in tears. Prices are rocketing upwards. The games aren't much to write home about. And all the while, Xbox Game Pass users have Starfield. Bastards.

Yes, it's been a rough September for PlayStation Plus subscribers. While Xbox Game Pass subscribers are playing through Starfield right now, PlayStation fans have been given one of the worst months of free games the service has ever seen, and a price increase across all three tiers. It might be time to try and find a silver lining.

Take a look at our Starfield review below babes:

One of the rare perks on PlayStation Plus Premium, the most expensive tier, is access to classic PS1 games. And there are some absolute bangers you should try out, including Namco’s R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.

Released all the way back in 1998, Ridge Racer Type 4 is a fantastic retro racer that'll transport you back to a much simpler time. The fourth title in the Ridge Racer series, you’ll need learn to master a series of intricately designed tracks and come out on top. I mean, you know how a racing game works. I know you know, but I have a word count to fill. This should knock off at least eight.

You can earn a range new cars via the Grand Prix mode, plus there’s time-attack so you can keep chasing those high scores. Obviously newer racing games look slicker and play faster, but there's a real charm to Ridge Racer Type 4. It's a real piece of gaming history, and well worth a look.

If racing games aren't really your thing, the Premium classics catalogue also offers the likes of PS2’s Ape Escape 2 - a platformer developed by Japan Studio - and the PSP’s Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror, a third-person stealth-based shooter.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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