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PlayStation Plus amazing free RPG flew right under gamers' radars

PlayStation Plus amazing free RPG flew right under gamers' radars

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An amazing PlayStation Plus free RPG managed to fly right underneath our radar, and it looks like we all missed out on a serious treat.

It's not exactly been the best week for PlayStation Plus, from a PR perspective. Sony made the baffling choice to announced a controversial price hike after dropping one of the worst months of free games for the service in years. Needless to say, fans aren't thrilled.

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While it's true that the PlayStation Plus free games for September have left a stench so unbearable that we may never fully be rid of it, it's worth noting that the service is still capable of throwing out the odd banger.

Over on the PS5 subreddit one user is lamenting an excellent indie RPG that hit the service a few months back and was promptly ignored by most. The game? Tails Of Iron.

"Was looking to kill a few days as I waited for my Armored Core 6 purchase to be delivered (I still get physical games) - and went to my PS+ library and decided to give this a shot," explains the Redditor.

"Very satisfying combat approach, with a Dodge, Parry and Block mechanic. Certain attacks require one of the three, based on a visual cue - reminiscent of 'perilous' attacks in Sekiro. I am playing on "Bloody Whiskers" which is really punishing early, but rewarding, and what I recommend for challenge."

Tails Of Iron currently has an 81 on Metacritic, and while I've yet to play it it is actually incredibly high up on my list. It's just... you know, a very long list to begin with.

Assuming you're one of those forward thinking types that actually adds the free PlayStation Plus games to your library even though you have no intention of playing them immediately, you can go try out Tails Of Iron right now. Who knows? You could find your next favourite game.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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