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PlayStation Plus subscribers slam worst month ever, vow never to renew again

PlayStation Plus subscribers slam worst month ever, vow never to renew again

"F**k right off"

Sony has officially announced it will be raising the price of PlayStation Plus from next month, and fans really aren't happy.

In what can only be described as a disastrous misreading of the entire room, Sony chose to announce the price hike immediately after dropping one of the worst months of free games for the service in years.

Take a look at one the free games for September below:

In September PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get hold of the 2022 Saints Row reboot, Black Desert - Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero. None of these games could be described as critical darlings. I'm not sure you could even say they're cult favourites, as almost everyone who's actually played these games seems to be about as keen as whatever the opposite of mustard is.

The new prices are as follows:

  • Essential 12-Month Subscription- $79.99, 71,99 Euro, 59.99 GBP.
  • Extra 12-Month Subscription- 134.99 USD, 125,99 Euro, 99.99 GBP
  • Premium 12-Month Subscription- 159.99 USD, 151,99 Euro, 119.99 GBP.

Predictably, the price hike, accompanied by the trio of naff games, went down about as well as a fart in a lift. Subscribers have reacted with fury, and many plan to outright cancel their subscription to save money.

"$40 increase is trash," wrote on user on the PS Plus subreddit. "That's so much."

Another added: "Once my one year is over I'll never buy PS Plus again. Bought it twice. a shame since I won't be able to play fighterz but f*ck them, $40 increase for something we're already paying for (internet)."

"A THIRTY FIVE percent price increase for extra???" a third equally angry fan queried. :Announced along with a trash tier list of games, so they can continue to bring 'high quality games'. F*ck right off."

That's pretty much the general vibe in a nutshell. You can read some more reactions here, but be aware they're peppered with some seriously spicy language so proceed with caution.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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