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PlayStation Plus free game is nearly 50 hours of pure joy

PlayStation Plus free game is nearly 50 hours of pure joy

PlayStation Plus's December free game line-up has been revealed and one game will bring you 50 hours of pure joy.

December has finally arrived, bringing with it the final PlayStation Plus essential tier drop of the year. While some have described it as a ‘new low’, I actually think it’s a great month.

Before we dive into what’s new, allow me to remind you that you have just a few more days to grab November’s offerings. Mafia II, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and Alien Fireteam Elite will soon depart the platform. I highly recommend Mafia II if you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto. Featuring a wanted system, gunfights, and vehicle chases, it should feel very familiar to GTA fans - and you don’t really need knowledge of the first Mafia to enjoy it. On 5 December, you’ll then be able to enjoy LEGO 2K Drive, Powerwash Simulator, and Sable - which have a collective worth of $120.

Take a look at Sable in action below.

It’s Powerwash Simulator that I want to highlight today. It’s one of those games that became somewhat of a sleeper hit. I don’t think it was on anyone’s radar particularly when it launched, but Powerwash Simulator has become a titan of a game for those looking for some zen, low-stakes fun. In fact, it offers around 50 hours of pure joy. Honestly, you won’t regret giving this game a try.

It’s got a rating of 75 over on Metacritic. TheGamer wrote, “Powerwash Simulator is a darling escape into a profession I never knew I had any passion for. I’m not saying I’m about to quit writing and start going to town on my nan’s filthy patio, but there’s something about living a distant occupation through the medium of video games that pulls you in and refuses to let go.”

IGN added, “PowerWash Simulator's simple yet therapeutic style of gameplay provides an enjoyable way to chill out across its numerous generously sized levels.” You can join in the fun on PlayStation Plus on 5 December.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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