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PlayStation Plus latest December free games have arrived

PlayStation Plus latest December free games have arrived

The PlayStation Plus games for December have been revealed

PlayStation has officially announced its next batch of free games joining the PlayStation Plus subscription service, and its certainly going to cause some controversy.

November’s offering failed to impress the majority of subscribers, many of whom are convinced PlayStation Plus is on a downward spiral it simply can’t recover from.

At least you can play the latest PS Plus via stream from the PlayStation Portal, available now!

There seem to be a lot of conflicting views too, as Sony claims the subscription service acquires more users each month, whereas many players are threatening to unsubscribe if better games or features aren’t added soon. Then there’s the price hike, which many still haven’t accepted due to believing the company has failed to justify its introduction.

Perhaps December’s offering can turn things around though, as PlayStation Plus Essential or higher subscribers will be able to download LEGO 2K Drive, PowerWash Simulator and Sable for free. These titles should be available next Tuesday, 5 December 2023.

At first glance it's not the most impressive line-up imaginable, but I can personally vouch for PowerWash Simulator as a lovely little title to relax with, and LEGO 2K Drive is a decent enough racing game.

Whether it's a better offering than November's free games is another question, and one that'll have to be answered by the fans, as they're the ones paying Sony the big bucks to keep the subscriptions going.

Unfortunately initial opinions are rather negative, with fans once again showing frustration with the price hike.

One angered user responsed: "We had that giant price increase and we get this?"

Another disappointed subscriber stated: "Didn’t think it would get any worse than last month but dang."

Finally one simply asked: "What are these bro?"

That being said, maybe when these games finally make their way into player libraries next week users will have a change of heart, after all sometimes it's the most unexpected title that can quickly turn into your new favourite.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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