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PlayStation Plus subscribers cancel in protest after latest free games

PlayStation Plus subscribers cancel in protest after latest free games

Cancellations to left to us, to the right of us, and in front of us

It could be said that PlayStation Plus can’t catch a break right now, what with all the disappointed subscribers, but what about the gamers leaving the service? They’re not having a great time either. It’s got so bad that cancellations are being used as a form of protest.

We know that PS Plus subscribers have been threatening to cancel their subscriptions over “garbage games”, but these are no longer idle threats but threats put into action.

Good games can still be found on the PS5 – like Howl. Make sure to check it out!

One saddened PS gamer took to Reddit to post about their regret at having to end their subscription, commenting that it had “taken them awhile to bite the bullet” but they’ve finally “bit through it” and done what’s necessary. Alongside their words is a screenshot as proof, with the OP reminiscing that they’d had “a good run”.

Unsurprisingly, PlayStation moderators entered the thread and removed the bulk of the post, leaving behind only its title and the photograph. Not that this has stopped fans from still commenting on the thread, sharing their own thoughts on the dark days of PS Plus. Shared grievances come at a time when PlayStation’s December games are off to a shaky start, with beloved titles leaving the service.

“Sadly it's the only way they will listen and we will get a good service. I cancelled too,” revealed an ex-user. “There is no way I'm supporting unjustified price increases and no sales on black Friday for actual customers.” This was followed by a cynical poster who said, “Sadly nothing is gonna change, you know why, because there are plenty of people out there that just don’t care. Sony’s not going to miss a few odd people no longer subscribing when there are still over a million subscribed.”

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Yet all this disquiet comes at a time when Sony is thriving, at least in terms of its PS5 outselling Xbox Series S/X seven to one. As one Redditor begrudgingly admitted, Sony is doing “something right”. Just not by its PS Plus users.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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