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PlayStation Plus free games for December are off to a shaky start

PlayStation Plus free games for December are off to a shaky start

It's like watching a slow-motion car crash.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, PlayStation Plus reveals its free games selection for December and users are once again unhappy. Needless to say, the news has been greeted with indifference bordering on annoyance, with December’s offering already off to a shaky start and we’re still in November.

As we all know, 11 games are leaving the service in December, with the likes of Yakuza: Like A Dragon among those that will be tossed aside in favour of other games. Unfortunately, while it makes sense that PS Plus needs to refresh its library often, the decision hasn’t been well-received, especially in light of recent threats from users that they’ll cancel their subscriptions. To see the full list of titles leaving the service, head here for all the details.

A blast from the past with Buzz Lightyear of Star Command should help with the PS Plus blues

“They seem to be removing bigger/better games than they’re adding,” suggested one gamer, with another also in agreement saying, “This was my exact thoughts. They add just average games and remove great ones.” As if that wasn’t cutting enough towards Sony’s efforts, one gamer suggested that the games being added weren’t even average but were “low D tier”.

Naturally, there are games leaving PS Plus which, quite frankly, shouldn’t have been included in the first place. But the fact still remains that interest in the subscription is waning fast. For all the must-play “classic RPGs” that pop up, there are more duds, leaving users with no other options than to quit the service altogether.

In response to the games leaving, Redditor IAmAshley2 said, “Which is why, once my membership lapses, I’m not renewing. I’ll go back to buying just the games I want as and when they go on sale digital or physical.” And who can blame them? PS Plus is adding cursed games like Gollum into the mix, and while it might get a laugh or two at first, paying a monthly fee to play bad games isn’t anyones idea of fun.

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