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PlayStation Plus subscribers have one last chance to grab GTA-like classic

PlayStation Plus subscribers have one last chance to grab GTA-like classic

Grand Theft Auto fans should make sure to grab this classic action-adventure game before it leaves PlayStation Plus.

Yesterday marked the announcement of PlayStation Plus’ final essential tier line-up for 2023. You likely won’t be surprised to hear that, yet again, the line-up has split fans.

As of 5 December, you can enjoy LEGO 2K Drive, Powerwash Simulator, and Sable. I’d call that a solid line-up. I had the opportunity to review LEGO 2K Drive earlier this year and it’s totally possible to avoid those pesky microtransactions and have a great time. I wrote, “The automatic morphing between vehicles is a stroke of genius - keeping races varied and entertaining. Each track offers a new challenge, and the various hubs of Bricklandia are certain to keep you busy for hours on end.” Powerwash Simulator is a surprising hit if you’re looking for satisfying, zen vibes - and I’ve been told to play Sable more times than I can count.

You still have one last chance to grab November’s PlayStation Plus essential tier line-up and fans of Grand Theft Auto shouldn’t miss one game in particular.

Take a look at Sable in action below.

As mentioned, the new games will become available on 5 December which means you have until then to grab Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and Aliens Fireteam Elite. As suggested by Digital Trends, Mafia II is the perfect game to sample if you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto - and I wouldn’t particularly say that you need to be familiar with the first Mafia entry.

Developed and originally released by 2K back in 2010, this action-adventure title sees you assume the role of Vito Scaletta, a mobster and war veteran who gets in over his head after joining the Falcone crime family.

While Mafia II is set in a very different era compared to what we’re used to in GTA entries, it shares many of the same gameplay mechanics. There are gunfights, car chases, and a wanted system - so you’ll need to switch out your look and ride if you want to evade the cops. All in all, it’s well worth downloading. Grab it before it’s too late.

Featured Image Credit: 2K, Sony

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