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PlayStation Plus bonus free download confirmed for May

PlayStation Plus bonus free download confirmed for May

A lovely surprise

Every now and then I find a game that I become absolutely evangelical about, and I begin recommending it to anyone who will listen to an insufferable degree. Spoiler warning for this article, I guess.

See, it, just so happens PlayStation Plus subscribers can grab themselves a bonus free download this month for one of the very best games on the service.

Take a look below!

In case you missed it, PlayStation Plus recently added the brilliant Dave The Diver, a delightful diving sim that blends underwater exploration with restaurant management. It shouldn't work, but it does.

While Dave The Diver has been on PC for a while, it's been great to see the hit game find a whole new audience on PlayStation. And from 23 May, you can download some free DLC for Dave The Diver to keep the good times rolling.

Next week Dave The Diver will officially cross over with monster royalty, courtesy of the free Godzilla DLC. Presumably we will not be hunting Godzilla to make sushi out of him, but I guess anything is possible.

"Godzilla, the mighty monarch of monsters whose legendary reign celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, now emerges to make a historic appearance within the depths of the Blue Hole," a press release reads. "Prepare to encounter the awe-inspiring Godzilla."

According to the press release it looks like we'll be helping a "wounded" Godzilla, but he's the not the only monster now lurking in the deep. There are other, less friendly beasts down there.

"Embark on an exhilarating adventure in the Godzilla DLC where you’ll engage in a heart-pounding pursuit with Ebirah, the iconic deep-sea Kaiju from the 1966 live-action movie [Ebirah, horror of the deep]. Plunge into the oceanic depths to evade Ebirah’s assaults as the creature relentlessly pursues the submarine carrying Dave and Miki."

If you've not already played Dave The Diver, take this as your sign to get on it immediately.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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