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PlayStation Plus new free game already one of 2024's best-reviewed releases

PlayStation Plus new free game already one of 2024's best-reviewed releases

It's ... well ... worth checking out this new addition

Yet another day one release has landed on PlayStation Plus and it’s already one of 2024’s best-reviewed games - a major score for subscribers.

It’s very possible that PlayStation Plus could soon, once again, rise in price which is a potential move that wouldn’t be such a blow if we saw more of what we have this week.

Let’s face it, it’s unlikely that Sony is ever going to adopt the Xbox Game Pass strategy. I can’t see God of War Ragnarök or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2-esque games landing on PlayStation Plus as day one launches.

But Animal Well, Dave The Diver, Sea of Stars … these day one launches hit the nail on the head. Subscribers feel like they’re getting a good deal with their subscription and we’re getting more eyes on these projects that, otherwise, may fly slightly under the radar.

Yesterday saw the aforementioned Animal Well land in the extra tier catalogue and it is a fantastic Metroidvania that’s well worth playing.

Developed by Shared Memory (a solo developer by the name of Billy Basso) and published by Bigmode, Animal Well sees, you guessed it, players traverse an enormous well.

Instead of facing combat challenges, players will have to deal with some rather complex platforming puzzles.

Take a look at the aforementioned Dave The Diver in action below.

The reviews are in, and they’re very good. Animal Well has secured a score of 91 on PC, 90 on Nintendo Switch, and 86 on PlayStation 5.

“Teeming with life, secrets, and charm that surprise and delight, Animal Well held my full, undivided attention. Even in its most trying moments, it left a mark of endearment on me thanks to its absorbing soundscape, distinct yet familiar pixel-based art style, and flexible, mould-breaking approach to exploration,” wrote Game Informer.

Push Square added, “Animal Well is an extremely rewarding game — if you're willing to lose yourself in it. The sort of mysteries it's hiding go well beyond finding collectibles, giving you a rich and detailed world to unpack. If you have the patience and the curiosity, it's absolutely worth plumbing its depths.”

Kotaku said, “There’s no doubt in my mind that Animal Well is one of the best games of the year. It’s also one I’ll never forget.”

Surely that’s convinced you to give this gem a go? Animal Well is available to extra and premium tier subscribers.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Metacritic

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