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PlayStation Home is finally back, and you can play it soon

PlayStation Home is finally back, and you can play it soon

Return of the king.

Who remembers PlayStation Home? The virtual social gaming platform launched a couple of years into the PlayStation 3’s life cycle (2008, to be exact), and allowed users to create a custom avatar, decorate their own apartment, play mini-games with others, and much more.

In a sense, PlayStation Home set the scene for pretty much everything Mark Zuckerberg wants his Metaverse to be, before it was shut down in 2015, anyway. Indeed, March 2015 was the end of an era, and although I imagine that most people probably moved on to other things by the time that Home returned to the big PlayStation in the sky, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a huge loss, and fans have been begging for its return for years.

Later this year, PlayStation 5 users will be able to experience Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 - take a look at the trailer below.

Well, good news, the wait is almost over. Even though Sony itself hasn’t (to our knowledge) begun work on an official PlayStation Home revival, as IGN reports, a group of dedicated fans are hard at work making it happen. The Destination Home team has been working on bringing PlayStation Home back since 2021, and last October, they launched their very first closed beta test, which was super successful.

“I see many people leaving nice comments about how Home changed their lives.” Destination Home content developer Nagato told IGN in an interview. “I know people who literally met up on Home and have kids now. I know people who have long-term friends on Home, I still talk to some long-term [Home] friends here and there. Just honestly seeing the community's respect for the project overall is something that gives me the drive to do it.”

The Destination Home team is currently getting ready for a second closed beta test: “We have thirteen spaces that we've hand selected from feedback from our members.” Nagato told IGN. “We have a good hundred-plus spaces right now that are good to go, and ready to be deployed.”

While the second beta test is coming soon, the devs feel that the project is still far from completion. With that said, if you’re interested, be sure to join the Destination Home Discord server so that you can keep up with any future updates and beta tests.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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