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Bring back PlayStation Home, fans demand

Bring back PlayStation Home, fans demand

Fans are pleading with Sony to bring back PlayStation Home.

Bring back PlayStation Home, fans say. However, you’d be forgiven if you hadn't a clue what the heck PlayStation Home is.

In case you didn't know, here’s a quick recap. PlayStation Home was a big social hub area where PS3 players could mingle. Players would create an avatar as well as customise their own digital home. You could then explore a shopping mall-like area together, buy cosmetic items, play games, watch videos, and much more.

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Furthermore, you could customise your own digital home with items you’d bought, unlocked or won. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure earning PS3 Trophies would also unlock cosmetics for PS Home too. You could even invite players to your home.

Sadly, however, while PlayStation Home had a good run from its 2008 inception, it would ultimately all come to an end in 2015. In all honesty, PlayStation Home was perhaps way ahead of its time and fans believe it’s time for Sony to bring it back.

That has been a hot topic of discussion on Reddit with user ipoopup pleading with Sony to bring it back, and by the looks of things, the commenters on the thread couldn't agree more.

“Metaverse can’t even dream of becoming a poor man’s PS Home,” said kenjose. I agree, nearly eight years after its closure, Metaverse could only hold a candle to the lost relic that is PlayStation Home.

Another Reddit user recalls how PS Home used to host E3 events, something that I had totally forgotten about. “They used to do E3 integrated events in Home which was always cool,” said Carston1011. “But now that Sony is doing their own thing they could literally make an entire event in-game around their showcases.”

Just think, Sony could easily host fun events if it integrated PS Home with State of Play or PlayStation Experience events. Sony could even integrate PS Stars rewards with Home.

“Imagine PS Home on PSVR2,” says Sumolisgood. I couldn't agree more. If Sony were to bring back PlayStation Home for the PS5, it’s almost tailor-made for the PSVR2. In fact, with or without PSVR2, I’m sure PS Home would be more suitable for modern gaming and the integrated world of social media.

There’s no word as to whether PlayStation Home would ever make a comeback. However, if it does, it would no doubt be welcomed back with open arms. So if you’re listening Sony, make it happen!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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