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PlayStation 6 first confirmed exclusive has left fans divided

PlayStation 6 first confirmed exclusive has left fans divided

How are we feeling about this?

There’s no set date for when we’ll be blessed with the PlayStation 6, yet gamers are already torn over the first exclusive launching on it.

Purportedly, the first “confirmed” exclusive will be a Hideo Kojima game.

“I really, really hope for a cut scene heavy game, with lots of twists, turns, and unexpected story aspects! Any Kojima game, I will buy!” said one excited fan.

However, not everyone is feeling it.

Check out the Crow Country trailer below

With the PlayStation 6 coming sooner than we expected, we're not quite ready for a new Kojima experience – we’ve not even got Death Stranding 2 yet. We’re simply not ready!

“I hope it’s not like Alan Wake 2. It was not a game, it’s more of a movie,” said Twitter user Chris Watson.

Mostly, however, the division is focused on Sony’s new piece of hardware as opposed to Kojima’s creative direction.

“The PlayStation 6 represents the six exclusive games we'll have in the first six years. Never chasing a launch console again,” lamented Redditor r0xxon.

Another said, “Probably done with consoles after this gen. PC all the way.”

Those who are interested in this so-called first exclusive hope that it’ll be cross-gen so that people won’t be penalised for not upgrading their consoles.

Given how it’s rumoured that the next console will be much more costly than we initially anticipated, it’s likely gamers will wait for a price reduction before committing such a large amount of money.

Whatever twist and turns happen before this launch, we hope that a certain hidden feature we just discovered sticks around.

As for Kojima, will this be a new IP or will this be an exclusive title based on an already well established and beloved franchise? All we know is that it'll see the auteur return to the espionage genre.

It looks like we’ve got time yet to speculate and debate about all the possibilities, and their pros and cons, before the PS6 lands. At least, that’s what we hope.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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