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PlayStation 5 gamers stunned by hidden feature we had no clue existed

PlayStation 5 gamers stunned by hidden feature we had no clue existed

In our 30s and always learning

We swear we use our PlayStation often; you wouldn’t believe it considering how many hidden features we keep missing.

It’s said that PlayStation has one distinct advantage over Xbox, yet after learning about this Sony feature, we’d argue it has two advantages.

Today we learnt that you can use your TV remote with your PlayStation.

We haven’t tested this out for ourselves yet, but Reddit assures us this is a real thing. And if it isn’t, talk about committing to the long con!

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The Reddit OP “stumbled upon” this find by accident. After discovering it, though, they realised you can “navigate menus and pause/play media without the annoying process of turning the controller on and off."

Typically, I don’t watch that many shows on my PS5, but I do know how much it irks me when I have to turn my controller back on to skip or press play.

When we’ve discussed surprise features in the past, we’ve faced some... resistance from gamers who believe we’re being clickbaity. But come on now, this really is a surprise – the OP says as much.

“Surprise feature for sure, I don’t think it’s something people would intuitively try, which is why I made this post in hopes it will save the time of other humans,” they commented.

If you want to have your mind blown even more, you can use your remote with the PS3 and PS4 as well.

Should this feature elude you, there’s a genuine reason for that happening, besides you never thinking to try.

According to user 6210classick, “Only TVs with HDMI CEC/Link or whatever that brand calls it supports this and while the majority do, some people don't have a recent model.”

There you have it; you can work your PS5 with your TV remote. Join us next time for more amazing discoveries that make you feel like a fool.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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