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PlayStation 6 price is more expensive than you think, analyst warns

PlayStation 6 price is more expensive than you think, analyst warns

Now, where's that money tree...?

We’re not made of money, yet it seems like big brands believe us to be. Or perhaps, they expect us to find the means somehow...

The PlayStation 5 came with a hefty price tag – and still has one, for that matter – yet the PS6 could cost us even more.

With the first specs from the PS6 purportedly appearing online, we all know how advanced the hardware will be.

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But with such progress comes the harsh reality of cost; it’ll cost Sony more to make it, ergo, gamers will be charged more to buy it.

Deep down we already knew this. However, it’s one thing to suspect it and another entirely to have an industry analyst confirm our worst fears.

On Twitter, well-known leaker Kepler posted, “Future consoles will either have increasingly smaller performance gains or significantly higher prices.”

In short, it’s a choice between the lesser of two evils.

As far as one player is concerned though, smaller performance gains is the obvious choice. “I think smaller performance gains on consoles makes more sense,” @gindi4711 replied.

“PS5 was rather powerful, but games are not running any better as game devs waste all additional performance if they are not forced to optimise, which hurts not only [the] console market, but PC as well.”

Is expense really an issue, though? User @Pete_2097 doesn’t think so. “Phones are costing thousands now and we put up with it; consoles remaining the same price makes no sense.”

They make a fair point. However, let’s not ignore the fact that many go without new phones – and consoles – because they’ve been priced out.

Could those same people, and perhaps even more of us, be priced out of purchasing the PS6? It seems increasingly likely the more we learn about the hardware, and the industry as a whole.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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