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PlayStation 5 gamers discover hidden shortcut that'll save you tons of time

PlayStation 5 gamers discover hidden shortcut that'll save you tons of time

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The PlayStation 5 has a feature I bet loads of you have missed, and it’s ridiculously straight forward too.

These new-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S have loads of hidden features that aren’t widely discussed by their respective companies or fans, but they’re worth keeping in mind to make your gaming experiences as smooth as possible.

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Today we’re talking about a simple but effective feature for the PlayStation 5 that I bet a lot of people overlook when navigating through its various menus.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the PlayStation 5 UI as while it’s definitely an improvement over the PlayStation 4, I think the layout is odd and it sometimes makes finding something quickly a pain.

However, something that I’ve been missing in all the time I’ve owned one is instead of frantically scrolling up to the top of pages to use the search bars, you can simply press triangle instead.

Wherever you are on the page, a quick press of the triangle button will take you up to the search bar so you can begin typing, or swiping on the controller, without wasting a second.

Like I said, it’s a simple feature but one I’d expect a lot to gloss over, including myself, yet it’s one to keep in mind.

In other on-topic news, players on PlayStation 5 can now play with their friends on Discord through integrated party chat. You could do this before but only after jumping through a few hoops on another device, but you can join directly from the PS5 without any interruptions, the only caveat is you can’t stream gameplay like you can on PC or Xbox, yet.

The PlayStation 5 has plenty of secrets and cool features to uncover, and there are plenty of lists and guides out there to learn them all.

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