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PlayStation 5 rolls out system update you can download right now

PlayStation 5 rolls out system update you can download right now

Chatting via Discord just got way easier

If you’re an avid user of Discord, then you’re going to want to pay attention to the PlayStation 5’s latest update.

I’m always hopping on to Discord calls given that it’s how me and my friends choose to hang out during our regular Fortnite sessions but I have to say, joining from a PlayStation 5 has never been the most seamless of experiences.

Previously, you’d have to link your Sony and Discord accounts before then joining the call from Discord’s mobile or PC app.

Here, you’d have the option to transfer the call’s connection over to your PlayStation 5 so, yes, it wasn’t the biggest faff but there was room for simplification.

Well, Discord and Sony must’ve heard our woes.

Last week, it was revealed that an incoming update would allow you to join Discord directly from your PlayStation 5 - and that update is now available to users in the UK.

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Since Discord was first integrated into the PlayStation 5, over 290 million voice chats have been joined, proving just how well-used this latest update will be.

“Today, we’re pleased to share that we’re starting to roll out the ability for PS5 players to join Discord voice chat directly from the PS5 console, without relying on the Discord PC or mobile apps to initiate the connection,” Sony previously announced.

Coinciding with the announcement, Sony rolled out the update in Japan and Asia and this week, it’s the turn of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East so, yes, it’s now available in the UK.

Those in the Americas are next in line.

Now if you want to join Discord on your PlayStation 5, simply select the Discord tab from the Game Base in the PS5 Control Centre - that’s the bar that appears when you press the PlayStation icon on your DualSense controller - and then navigate to the specific voice chat group.

Select this voice channel and you’re done. How much easier is that?

For UK users, the system update should automatically install when loading up your console.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Nik via Unsplash

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