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Free PlayStation 5 and 12 months of PS Plus given away by Sony, here's how you grab it

Free PlayStation 5 and 12 months of PS Plus given away by Sony, here's how you grab it

Get Santa to come early with this PS competition

Regardless of whether you believe in Santa or not, the magic of Christmas is upon us, with brands delighting us with special deals and giveaways – it’s a Christmas miracle! One such opportunity to enjoy some seriously good cheer is that of winning a PlayStation 5 and a year’s worth of PS Plus.

Sony itself is running this competition as part of its Season of Play. All gamers need to do is sign into their PS account and answer five questions to be in with a chance to win; obviously, it helps if you already have a PSN account, but if you don’t, setting one up isn’t difficult.

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As you’d expect with a competition of this calibre, the rules are strict, with you only allowed to enter once per account – anyone caught entering more than that could “be disqualified”. Beyond that, it’s just a case of luck.

Of course, if you have no desire for a new console but still want a Christmas treat, PS Plus has many promotional offers of bonus free games currently available, including Mortal Kombat 1 amongst many other new titles.

However, if you’re feeling a certain way, you might not need anything other than your trusty console to enjoy the festivities because it would seem that PS users are a particularly hungry lot (I’m coding the smut as best I can here). It’s pretty astounding how many of us use your console for some me-time and, quite frankly, we’re here for it.

But if your PS4 has gone through the wringer and is in need of a rest, this competition could be your way to take it out to pasture the right way; it’s seen so much, it deserves to see out its twilight years with dignity, free from NSFW Chun-Li videos.

And with that, we leave you with a link to the competition and a final wish of good luck.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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