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Pornhub's most-searched for video game character in 2023 was Chun-Li

Pornhub's most-searched for video game character in 2023 was Chun-Li

She do be thicc, though

What a year 2023 has been – so many incredible video games have been released, cinema has returned to its glory days thanks to Barbie, and generally anything entertainment-based has been glorious. The rest of the world? Not so much. Nothing proves this more than Pornhub’s most-searched video game character: Fortnite’s Chun-Li.

If you’ve already seen the top video games search on Pornhub, Chun-Li’s name in top position will come as little surprise. Yet, because she's so loved by so many of you, most of whom are on PlayStation consoles, we want to praise the busty warrior for being iconic for more than just her looks.


After years of seeing Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft heralded as the most blessed of fuller bust characters, it’s nice to see a different female lead wear the crown. However, while most of the top spots were dominated by large-breasted women, one name that did surprise us was Sonic.

Taking sixth position, the speedy blue boy has been heavily searched for while gamers tend to their… ahem… needs. Most people want it to last longer, but I guess there are those of you who prefer it over quickly, and with Sonic, no one is quicker.

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Interestingly, God of War Ragnarök’s Freya came last; she’s a good-looking character, strong, and a little unhinged, all the hallmarks of a woman you want to get to know. So, how can a character with the title (among many) of Goddess of Beauty be the least searched? Apparently, you’re all slacking.

We would ask who your vote would be for, but we don’t want to see your search history, so keep that information to yourself. Instead, let’s give a final round of applause for all you filthy animals who watched Chun-Li with keen eyes before searching for her on Pornhub – you’ve outdone yourselves.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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