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Pornhub 2023 stats confirm PlayStation fans still love me-time the most

Pornhub 2023 stats confirm PlayStation fans still love me-time the most

PS users have been having a lot of fun this year!

Depending on how Santa judges this, a lot of you could be ending up on his naughty list, though I suspect you’d prefer it that way to be honest. As the year draws to an end, Pornhub has revealed its 2023 stats, with PlayStation fans the ultimate lovers of some “alone time”.

And you thought Spotify Wrapped was spicy – arguably Pornhub’s year in review is the spiciest of all, though whether any of you “wrapped” while using the site is a different question entirely. However you got yourself off this year, you did it with your console close by, though hopefully not any closer than is necessary to browse the internet with…


Interestingly, there are some gamers searching porn on their 3DS and PS Vita, which both amazes and frightens me in equal measure. Maybe they’re the gamers we should be discussing here, for their dedication to getting in some me-time far exceeds those using their PS for kicks.

It isn’t just Sony users stealing the show here, it’s gamers in general, with Fortnite being the top searched-for category in video games porn, followed by Overwatch as a close second, and Pokémon coming in fourth. If you’ve yet to experience ‘mon porn, and you have no interest in seeing it, do not Google it – you will be scarred for life, I speak from painful experience.

Now for something wholesome: the Fable trailer from 2004

What I find most interesting here is that Baldur’s Gate 3 is so low on the search, a gamer that’s been dubbed the “horniest” of the entire year. Perhaps it’s so horny that you don’t need to visit Pornhub to enjoy some time in your bedroll…?

It’s been quite the year for getting laid, both fictionally speaking and in real life, and your trusty PS has been along for the ride, bringing you the very best, and worst, of smut you can hope for in your moments of need. And what’s more Christmasy than knowing that?

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Fivel – Twitter/X

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