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PlayStation gamers sat on 397 free downloads you probably didn't know about

PlayStation gamers sat on 397 free downloads you probably didn't know about

Don't stay in the dark any longer

Only checking out full free games is a surefire way to miss out on hundreds of other freebies.

PlayStation users are sitting atop a free downloads goldmine, if only they’d dig a little deeper.

Being able to get a 50 plus hour RPG for free is a fantastic deal, but it’s one that’s few and far between. What is more, such finds are normally reserved for PlayStation Plus subscribers rather than all players.

On the PlayStation Store, there are hundreds of free demos waiting to be explored.

The variety on display here will undoubtedly keep you busy for the foreseeable future; not ignoring the fact it’ll help you discover new titles you maybe haven’t heard of.

Watch the announcement trailer for Selfloss below

In total, there’s 397 demos to try.

We know, we know – demos can be frustrating, especially if you click with a game but don’t want to wait and/or spend a lot on the full experience.

Still, while you might have mild annoyance to contend with, you also have the payoff of being able to play hours of new games without spending a single penny.

Soon to be indie darlings like Selfloss are available, as too are Soulslike experiences like Enotria: The Last Song.

If you really can’t find anything that tickles your fancy, you can always check out the free games of PS Plus.

Despite the July lineup being off to a tricky start, there’s still hundreds of hours worth of games to sink your teeth into.

You have greats like the OG Resident Evil to play – why wouldn’t you want to experience where it all began in all its pixelated glory?!

What we’re trying to say in far too many words, is that there’s much to discover on your PlayStation that doesn’t involve spending money.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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